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QCSC, Inc New Student Information

No self videoing (i.e. GoPro cameras) by the students of any kind is allowed, for safety reasons!


Classes for AFF and Static Line courses are scheduled on an as needed basis and we will teach just one student at a time. We generally teach these classes evenings of none jump days (Mon, Wed, Thur or Fri), but are willing to do other days and times to help accomodate as many as possible. Classes typically start at 5:30pm ( unless otherwise stated), class lasts about 4 hours that evening and then we finish up the last hour the day you choose to make your jump. First jump courses are $175 for Static Line and $250 for AFF($50 off of either, if you have done a tandem with us first); this includes the class, all equipment you need for your first jump, a logbook, and a first jump certificate. See Jump Prices for additional jump prices and discounts.


Tandem jumps are $195 including class and a first jump certificate. Tandems are available most weekends, Tuesday evenings and by appointment (these do not require the class listed above), please call for availability. Classes take about 1/2 hour, and the jump about 45 minutes. Edited videos on DVD or stills of your jump are available for $75 and $90 if you would like both.


A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot in the class (class sizes are limited), with the balance due at the beginning of class. All students must be at least 18 years of age (photo identification required) and weighing 240 pounds or less (this is for you and your instructors safety).

Make checks payable to: Quad City Skydiving Center, Inc. (Q.C.S.C.)

Mail deposit(s) to:

Quad City Skydiving Center, Inc.
P.O. Box 464
Atkinson, IL 61235

With your deposit:

1. Tell us the class date for static line or AFF and  for a tandem the date/time that you are scheduled to attend (put in the memo of your deposit check).
2. Include your address and phone number.

For more information needed for class day, please see Jump Information , nothing else will be sent to you. If the class is full, we will call to see if you want another date or refund your deposit.

For questions and group discounts, Call the drop zone at (309) 944-0363 (during hours of operation) or (309) 269-7535.

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